Fiber Optic Mechanical Splices

Assembly Tool

3M(TM) Fibrlok(TM) Assembly Tool, Required for Fibrloks 2529-AS and 2540-AS. Included in 2565 Kit.

Additional Information:
  • Packaging Details: FO4Sale Part No: 2501

    Manufacturer: 3M

    MFR Model No: 2501

    Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

Universal Optical Fiber Splice

The 3M(TM) Fibrlok(TM) II 2529 Universal Optical Fiber Splice was designed for splicing any combination of 250 to 900 micron coated fibers. Mechanical splice capacity of two.


  • Single mode and multimode fibers
  • Aerial, buried, underground, pedestal
  • Inside or outside buildings
  • FTTx, Metro and Enterprise networks
  • High density substitute for connectors

Additional Information:
  • Packaging Details: FO4Sale Part No: 2529

    Manufacturer: 3M

    MFR Model No: 2529

    Shipping Weight: 0.10 lbs

Fiber Ribbon Optical Splice

  • The Fibrlok 2612 12 Fiber Ribbon Optical Splicing System provides permanent mechanical splices for 12 single mode or multimode optical fibers with a nominal cladding diameter of 125um.
  • This splice is yellow color coded for easy recognition. This 12 fiber mechanical splice can be used with either fiber optic ribbon cable or individual 250um coated fibers which have been organized into a ribbon structure (i.e. "ribbonized"). For additional information concerning the use of 250um fiber, refer to the Fibrlok 2670 Multi-Fiber Ribbon Construction Tool.
  • Also available is 3M 2604 (4 fiber), 2606 (6 fiber), 2608 (8 fiber) and 2610 (10 fiber) multi-fiber optical splice. 3M 2600 (in US) or 2601(outside US) Fibrlok multi-fiber optical splice preparation kit is required to assemble this mechanical splice. Both kits are available upon request.
  • Additional tools and materials required are Alcoa-Fujikura model CT-03, CT-04, CT-04B or CT-07 cleaver, 3M 4415 service wire cleaning kit, cable sheath removal tools and reagent grade isopropyl alcohol.

Additional Information:
  • Packaging Details: FO4Sale Part No: 2612

    Manufacturer: 3M

    Shipping Weight: 0.03 lbs

Fibrlok Splice and Holder with Built-in Actuator

Fibrlok II splice/holder 2539 from 3M integrates the splice, actuation tool and holder in one package. For 250- and 900-μm tight buffer fiber, it enables fast on-site installation of single-mode fiber-to-the-premises connections without the need for an assembly tool. Designed for the final drop to the house or for restoration of a broken fiber, it can be used inside or outside buildings and at wall outlets, fiber distribution units, terminals and network interface devices. The user inserts the fibers into the device and presses the actuation button, forcing the clamping surfaces against them, aligning them and locking them into place.

Note: 2539 does NOT require 2501 tool for assembly.

Additional Information:
  • Packaging Details: FO4Sale Part No: 2539

    Manufacturer: 3M

    Shipping Weight: 0.20 lbs
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